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In case of inclement weather, we will make a decision whether or not to cancel class. We cancel class in the event of freezing rain, substantial accumulations of snow, or if driving is hazardous.

For daytime classes, we base the decision on road conditions. To double-check on the status of your class, please call us before leaving your house.

For evening classes, the decision will be made mid to late afternoon the day of the class. We base our decision on many factors, including the forecast (as much as you can rely on one) and driving conditions both in the afternoon and what is forecast for later in the evening. Many of our students and instructors travel a distance home at the end of the day, and then another distance to class. So we take into consideration driving conditions well before the start of class. And because we run several classes in an evening, we must take into account the likely driving conditions for the later students and instructors driving home. If, for example, the forecast is for freezing rain starting at 8 p.m., even though driving is fine in the late afternoon and early evening, we will likely cancel classes. We don’t want anyone on the road if driving is hazardous.

Because of the number of students in all our classes, we cannot call when classes are canceled. It is your responsibility to check with us. To find out if we have canceled class, please call the office (603) 669-4644 after 4 p.m. the day of the class. After 6:30 p.m., or if we have closed the office early because of the weather, listen to our recorded message on Extension 508 to find out which classes are canceled. Canceled classes will be made up by extending the class schedule one week for each canceled class.

Please don’t take a chance – if the weather is bad, or you have any doubts about whether or not class is being held, please call. We don't want anyone out on the road in bad weather, and we don’t want students making a trip to class, only to be told the class has been cancelled.


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