NEW! Tricks Class

New 5-week Trick class with Laura Davidson!  Four weeks of class, 1 week Showcase.


What are “tricks”? Dogs view everything we teach them as tricks, they don’t know the difference! Tricks are a fun way to bond with your dog and keep their mind active. A great way to tire out a dog without needing a lot of room to run. Tricks can be catered to what your dog likes.

AKC Trick Dog Titles and requirements:

   -Novice: 10 tricks or 5 tricks if a dog has a CGC- lures, treats, clickers allowed

   -Intermediate: 10 tricks slightly harder than Novice - lures for only a few tricks - Rewards allowed

   -Advanced: 5 challenging tricks- no lures. Only treats as rewards. 

   -Performer: a routine of at least 10 tricks.

We will start with tricks your dog may already know or have started to learn.


Tricks covered will include: balance beam, paws up, targeting, leg weaves, and much more!