Private Lessons

In our one-on-one private lessons
, we work on the specific, individual issues you have with your dog. Here are just a few of the things we have helped our clients with:
  • Rehabilitating a dog that has had a bad experience with other dogs or people, and is frightened in a group class.
  • Working with a dog that is aggressive toward other dogs.
  • A lesson or two to work on a specific, stubborn behavior such as jumping on people, not coming when called, or pulling on leash.
  • Helping a breeder overcome her show dog's fear on the table or fear of the judge.
  • Helping an agility competitor overcome her dog's bad experience on an agility obstacle.
  • Working with an owner whose dog's exuberance prevented her from taking him anyplace.
  • Overcoming the "fallout" of an extended illness that has led to behavior issues.
  • Coaching for competition to improve a competitive performance in obedience, conformation, dog sports, or other events.
  • An introduction session we call Crossover to clicker to introduce trainers (and dogs) experienced with another method to clicker training.
  • An orientation session for students from other schools who want to enter an advanced class.
  • New baby and puppy consultations - a session designed to help seamlessly introduce a new family member.
  • Evaluations and temperament assessments of a new dog or a dog a client is considering adopting.
  • And many other behaviors and issues.
Private lessons may start with a behavior consultation to determine the best approach. If you are considering private lessons for any reason, contact us and we'll help you decide which avenue is best for your dog's training. To learn more about our trainers, click here.

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