A Typical Day at Daycare

A dog arriving for All Dogs Gym Daycare
usually pulls his owner through the door. Happy to be here, he greets our morning "runner" and goes right out to play. After romping for several hours with his buddies, the dogs are brought in so they can curl up for a snooze in an individual enclosure. During this healthful and relaxing rest period, we give the dogs a snack or lunch, allow time for the meal to settle, then it's back out to play until it's time to go home.

Dogs have continuous access to water, trees to lie under, tires to climb up, through and over, and lots of holes to dig in, play hide & seek in, curl up and sleep in. All the time supervised by caring chaperones constantly vigilant to changes in mood, signs of fatigue and meeting the needs of their four-legged friends.

When it's time to go home, the "runner" will bring the dog back out to the owner, and we see a repeat of the morning routine. As happy as the dogs were to arrive in the morning, they're equally pleased to greet their owners and go home. What could be better-a great day of friends and play, and a relaxed evening at home with loving "parents".

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