Dog Sport Trials & Matches

We offer indoor trials year 'round in our 12,000 square foot, air conditioned and heated Arena. With the most comfortable, safe, high-impact floor around, it is the perfect environment for trials and tournaments - for both people and dogs! Our trials are run by the most professional, organized and friendly Trial Committees you will find anywhere. Check our Class Schedule for our upcoming trials.

The following is information on the trials we sponsor.

United States Dog Agility Association Trial

All Dogs Gym is proud to run four USDAA agility trials a year. United States Dog Agility Association (USDAA) was organized in 1986 to promote the international standards for dog agility that are used in Great Britain, the birthplace of dog agility. USDAA is the leading agility organization in the United States and North America. Our All Dogs Agility trials include special tournament qualifying events. One is the Dog Agility Steeplechase(sm), putting a premium on speed while demanding accuracy on the A-frame and weave poles - two obstacles where difficulty increases the faster you go. We also host the first Regional Qualifying event for the 2001 Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championship(sm). The World Championship finals are televised by Animal Planet. All Dogs is proud to offer these qualifying trials in the Northeast. For more information, visit the USDAA website:

Canine Performance Events Trial

We also run several Canine Performance Events (CPE) trials. CPE started in the midwest several years ago. All Dogs Gym is pleased to be the first to offer CPE trials in the Northeast! CPE philosophy is that the dog and handler have fun competing for agility titles. The goal is teamwork, achieved through positive training. CPE trials are great confidence builders for a dog just starting in competition, and are fun for dogs of all ages and competitive levels, including veterans. For more information, visit the CPE website:

Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA) Trial

All Dogs Gym has been involved with TDAA from its inception. We are proud to have offered the first TDAA trial in the Northeast and the second in the entire country. TDAA trials are open to all dogs measuring 17" or less, with the goal of providing course challenges comparable to those faced by handlers of larger dogs in other competitive agility events. TDAA is for all dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree that are at least 12 months of age. A new, exciting and growing organization, you can learn more about TDAA by visiting the TDAA website:

APDT Rally-Obedience Trial

Rally-O is a fun, exciting sport for everyone! Each handler and dog team navigate a course of numbered signs that designate an exercise at each "station". Proceeding at their own pace without instruction from the judge, the teams perform behaviors ranging from simple--such as a sit or down--to more advanced, sending your dog over a jump. retrieve an object, and recall over a jump. With three levels of competition, All Dogs Gym is proud to offer APDT Rally -- the organization that start it all! APDT Rally is open to all dogs - pure-bred and mixed-breed, and dogs with disabilities. Want to learn more? See our Class Schedule for information on our classes. Or visit the Cynosport Rally Dogs site for information on Rally.