Professional Dog Training Courses

All Dogs Academy

Licensed by the State of New Hampshire Postsecondary Education Commission

The courses dog trainers and owners all over the world have been asking us for - the opportunity to learn all about dogs and dog-friendly training from the ground up - from basics to behavior problems. Our combination of experienced teachers, trainers, services and facility uniquely position All Dogs Academy to teach clicker training and its positive, universal applications for professionals, hobbyists, and dog owners.

Whether you're looking to increase your knowledge or to train dogs professionally, our comprehensive courses will build your skills and broaden your experience and expertise with dogs, dog training, dog-related activities and businesses.

Course 1 - Instructor Training School (ITS): The foundation unit, covering the basics and beyond! From how dogs learn to choosing "the best" method of training. (Prerequisite for Courses 2 and 3)

Course 2 - Dog Training School (DTS): Training dogs - lots of them. From assessing temperaments through teaching basic skills and shaping complex behaviors.

Course 3 - Behavior Problem Solving (BPS): Assessing and addressing behavior problems.

For other courses of study available, for more information, scheduled courses, and to download our Catalog, visit our All Dogs Academy website or email us.

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