Behavior & Problem Consultations

You don't have to live with behavior you don't like.
Whether it's an annoying problem like barking when you're on the telephone, begging food at the table, or a more troubling problem like destructive chewing, possessiveness or even aggression-we can help.

During a private behavior consultation, we'll get the background and information we need to be able to create a realistic program tailored to your dog, your lifestyle, and your goals. Through a combination approach that may include behavior modification, management strategies, environmental and diet adjustments, and training, we have helped countless dog owners control and even eliminate problem behavior in their dogs.

We love doing Puppy Consultations for new puppy owners who don't want to make mistakes and need some help to get started. Getting you started off on the right track makes your dog's future and yours so much easier! This consultation includes a temperament assessment of your puppy with recommendations for tailoring your training to his or her specific temperament. You'll be armed with information and a plan for raising the best dog ever.

We also have consultations for expecting and new parents, offering sound advice and information for the baby's introduction to the family. The more information expecting parents have, and the earlier they get started, the easier the transition will be for their "first" child - the dog.

Behavioral consultations can take
place at the All Dogs Gym or in your home. For long-distance clients, we offer email and telephone consultations. Yes, it's often possible to help you even without meeting your dog.

Not sure if you need a consultation or private lessons? Contact us to discuss which approach is best. Email or phone (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669 for further information, fees, scheduling, and appointments.

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