Coaching For Competition

Our skilled, competition coaches are competitors themselves. Need help spiffying up your performance for high scores? Whether it's for agility, obedience or the breed ring, we have coaches who do it-not just "been there; done that" but are there; do that! We share our experience, expertise and knowledge so you and your dog can become the best team you can be.

But it takes more than a good competitor to be a good coach. Our coaches have the eye to see where the problem lies, the expertise to know how to fix it, and the desire to help you achieve your goal.

To arrange for a private coaching session in any dog sport - obedience, agility, Rally-O, or breed handling, email or give us a call (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669, extension 105. To learn more about our trainers, click here.

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