Dog Food: Bravo!

We made the decision years ago not to sell dog food. When we recommend a student or behavior client to consider changing their dog's diet, we don't want even the perception of a conflict of interest. If we don't sell dog food, there's no conflict of interest, and our clients know we have only their dog's best interest in mind.

Then we made the decision to sell  Bravo! Raw Diet. Here's why:

Many of our instructors and clients were feeding Bravo! and asked us to become a distributor for their convenience. As word spread, especially following the 2007 dog food recall, more clients asked us about feeding "real" food. What started to meet the needs of a few, has grown and continues to grow.

Just because we're now selling dog food, doesn't mean that we think this is the only diet to feed, or even necessarily the best for your individual dog. There are many other good foods, and we're happy to discuss your choices with you. We don't even care if you want to buy Bravo! somewhere else. Honest. We just want what's best for your dog.

For information and recommendations on selecting a diet for your dog, see Diet & Feeding. If you are interested in learning more about the foods we sell, please check their websites. See below for information on the specific types of Bravo we stock and pricing.

We generally have blends on-hand, we will accept special orders for any of the other products available from Bravo. For information on pricing or placing a special order, contact us.

To learn more about Bravo! including recommended supplements and how to transition your dog, visit the