Grooming at All Dogs Gym & Inn

At All Dogs Gym & Inn, we believe a dog should feel good about getting groomed. We apply our positive training to our grooming dogs - using a kind, gentle approach combined with the talent and skill of or professional groomers. We groom all breeds (and mixes), all sizes, all ages - all dogs! And cats, too!

We feel strongly about the role of grooming
in the health and well-being of all dogs. To learn more about this, and everything you need to know about grooming, check out our "Grooming Primer - What You Should Know About Grooming for Your Dog." Long-haired or short. Single or double-coated. All dogs need some form of grooming from time to time.

We have a full range of grooming services -- but more than that, your dog's mental and emotional welfare are as important to us as making him look beautiful. Click here for a rundown of what makes All Dogs Salon and Spa the best place for your pet's grooming.

For an overview of what we offer check out our
Grooming Essentials, or give us a call to talk about your pet and what we recommend. We offer a wide array of specialty shampoos, treatments and products, including de-skunking and degreasing, as well as packages designed for your puppy or elderly, geriatric dog; activity packages combined with Daycare or Day Boarding, and much more.

Call to make an appointment
so we can give your pet what he or she deserves. Please plan ahead, as we are often fully booked for several weeks in advance. Our groomers are well worth the wait. Or you can use our on-line Reservation Booking Request option to request an appointment date for your pet's grooming. Please be aware that you will not have a firm appointment date or time until we have replied and confirmed your request.

For more information, pricing estimates, to chat with us about your pet's grooming needs or to make an appointment, email or phone (603) 669-4644 or 1-800-872-4669.

We are happy to put you on a regular schedule and call to remind you of your appointment.