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All Dogs Gym classes
and training programs for pet owners, hobbyists and professionals, provide complete "beginner-to-competition" levels of instruction in a broad array of classes from Manners (obedience) and Puppy Classes too Agility, Rally-O, Breed handling, and more. (Click on each class for specifics. For a class you don't see here, see Other Classes).

Our classes are based on the philosophy and training approach in Gail Fisher's critically acclaimed book The Thinking Dog (Dogwise Publishing, 2009). Students in our Manners classes (dog obedience), receive a copy of Gail's shorter work, The New Clicker Training Manual, Volume I and Volume 2, which includes loads of helpful information beyond dog training.

Our group programs are taught by
experienced instructors who have completed Gail Fisher's Instructor's Course, and who are devoted both to dogs and to helping owners and dogs develop strong, positive, cooperative relationships.

All our classes use a positive, reward-based method of training, that is faster, clearer and easier for both dogs and owners. Even long after you've graduated, you'll understand and know how to teach your dog to do anything you want! Want your dog to bring you the newspaper? You'll know how to teach her. Want your dog to lie down on his blanket and stay there while you eat dinner? You'll understand the process to get there. Want your dog to spin, bow, back up, close the cabinet door, speak (or be quiet) on command? You'll have the knowledge and understanding to get that behavior. To learn more about this powerful approach to training, click here.

Whether you have the perfect puppy, an exuberant adolescent, a problem dog, or anything in between; whether you are looking for basic manners, or competitive skills in a dog sport, our programs give you the results you want.

All our classes are held at All Dogs Gym in Manchester, New Hampshire, our state-of-the-art, heated, air-conditioned facility designed and built for dogs and their owners. To see the Gym (and Inn), Take a Tour.

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