If your puppy could talk, he'd say,
"Please may I go to The Puppy Place™ at All Dogs Gym?!"

We love this new program, and our daycare puppies and their puppy "parents" love it, too! Our Doggie Daycare has always focused on puppies' well-being, providing loads of positive play and socialization. And now it's even better!

What's New* (and Old)

Here are just a few advantages of The Puppy Place—many that we’ve always offered, plus some terrific new features and services*:
  • Indoor and outdoor play—safe and secure, no matter what the weather
  • Crate training*—teaching your puppy to rest quietly and love being crated
  • Housetraining*—previously difficult for us to monitor—now we can and will!
  • Chewing*—directing your puppy’s need to chew onto appropriate, safe objects
  • Sharing*—Playing with a wealth of fun toys, puppies learn to share, avoiding potential “resource guarding” issues.
  • Appropriate play—timid or bold, large or small, we oversee proper, polite play behavior between appropriate sizes and ages. Tiny toy puppies play together; so do boisterous big boys (and girls).
  • Educational toys*—providing enhanced socialization and mental entertainment
  • Healthy exercise—The right balance of play and exercise for each puppy’s age.
  • Life-stage feedings—mid-day meals and snacks to meet the growing needs of our puppy guests (provided by owners).
  • Healthful rest—a balance of play, guided learning, and beneficial rest.
  • 100% Supervised—Interactive play guided & supported by our well-trained staff, including our trainers.
To reserve a spot for your puppy,please let us know when you would like your puppy to enjoy The Puppy Place. Give us a call, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your preferred dates, or sign up on-line in our Booking Request form (for on-line reservations, please allow at least 48 hours notice). Phone: (603) 669-4644

The Puppy Place Primary School

But wait ... there LOADS more! Enroll your puppy in The Puppy Place Primary School program where our trainers will work with your puppy. Sign up for at least three days of Puppy Primary School, and you’ll receive a copy of “The New Clicker Training Manual” by Gail Fisher, with loads of helpful rearing information, plus a clicker to help your practice with your puppy at home.

In Puppy Primary School, we teach your puppy:
  • Come when called
  • Give things up on cue
  • Sit, down, and stay
  • Walk on a leash without pulling
  • Greet people politely without jumping
  • Relax for grooming including tolerating foot/nail handling.
  • Safe stair climbing—Puppies need to learn to go up and down stairs safely. We’ll teach your puppy to safely negotiate stairs.
  • Design a program—We’ll work with you to design a program to meet your goals.
  • Weekly updates—A weekly Training Report Card with recommendations and tips for your pup’s training at home.
Puppy Ages

The Puppy Place at All Dogs Gym is open to all puppies between 8 and 20 weeks of age. Have an older puppy? Talk to us ... The Puppy Place may be right for your older pup, too. We’ll evaluate your puppy and give you our recommendations based on your individual puppy’s needs, play behavior, age, size, and previous socialization and play experience. Our well-trained staff will evaluate your puppy with his or her best interests in mind.

The Puppy Place Hours
The Puppy Place hours are 6:00 am to 6:30 pm.
Half-day morning pick-up is by 1:00
Half-day afternoon check-in is from 12:30-1:15