More Manners & Advanced Manners for Dogs (Level 2 and above)

More Manners for Dogs the next level of training the dog of your dreams. This 6-week class builds on the foundations learned in our Basic Manners for Dogs, Level 1 class. increasing the dog's responsiveness in different environments, even in the face of distractions. Our Masters Instructors strive to meet the needs and desires of the students, using the class structure to guide and coach our students in training and perfecting behaviors such as:

  • Dogs learn that "come" means come no matter what is going on
  • Hand signals
  • Targeting
  • Stand (great for grooming or visiting the vet)
  • Back up
  • "Leave it" (ignore it)
  • Wait when the car door is opened
  • Perfecting loose leash walking around distractions
  • And lots of other new behaviors.
  • Level 2 includes reducing and eliminating the use of the clicker
  • And students receive a copy of Volume II of Gail Fisher's Clicker Training Manual

At the conclusion of this class, virtually all our students are confident training their dogs and have the degree of control and responsiveness they desire. Most importantly, our More Manners graduates have developed the skills to teach the dog anything they wish to - knowledge that lasts throughout the dog's life.

Prerequisite: If you are a graduate of our Basic Manners for Dogs (Level 1) class (or with permission of the instructor), you are eligible for this class. If you have not taken our Level 1 class, and would like to enroll in Level 2, contact us so we can evaluate your prior training.

To enroll in this class, sign up online for the class listed on the Class Schedule or print off the Class Application form.

Advanced Manners for Dogs (Level 3 & Level 4) - 6 weeks each: For students who want still more! For graduates of previous level classes, the emphasis is on perfecting behaviors, working around increasing distractions, building speed and responsiveness while maintaining enjoyment and a positive attitude.

Specific exercises may include building attention, off-leash heeling, retrieving, finish, automatic sit and a wide range of other behaviors. Most importantly, this level of training builds a fluent response - so your dog will respond anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances.

Class may also include strategies and skills for competitive obedience.

Prerequisite - Successful completion of the previous level class. Sign up online for the class listed below or print off the Class Application form.