This hot new sport is taking the dog world by storm. Rally-O provides an opportunity for owners and their dogs to practice, perfect and show off their teamwork and training. Rally builds your dog's reliability and responsiveness, as you and your dog learn and practice loads of new, fun, and varied behaviors. Rally-O is a competitive event, but you don't have to compete to have fun learning these exercises.

The skills and behaviors taught in Rally-O are both entertaining and useful. As you teach your dog to spin, walk backwards next to you, drop into a down while you keep moving forward and the like, your dog will develop greater responsiveness as you build your dog's repertoire of behaviors. After all, from your dog's point of view, any behavior you teach is a trick. With Rally you'll increase your dog's training and have fun in the process. Is there anything that could be better?!

Rally-O is a course laid out and set up with a series of "stations." A sign at each different station tells the handler what exercise to perform. It includes simple behaviors as "sit" and "down" or "sit-down-sit", weaving through cones, perform a "figure 8", "stay" as you walk around your dog, "come" and "send your dog over a jump." There are as many as 50 or more possible behaviors, so each course, each class, each Rally experience is new and different.

Our Rally-O program covers beginner Rally through competition level for those interested in competition. As your dog's training improves, you'll learn and practice new behaviors, making each Rally class and Rally trials fresh, diverse and exciting. But with or without competing, Rally is a great way to build your teamwork and cooperative relationship with your dog. We specialize in APDT Rally and also teach AKC Rally as well, for students who want to compete in either or both events.

Enrollment in our Rally-O class is available to students who have graduated from our Level 2, or with permission of the instructor. For more information, email or call (603) 669-4644 or 800 872-4669.

For schedules, and to sign up online for Rally classes see our Class Schedule page. You can download and print off the Class Application Form.

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