How It Works - How long does it take?

Our Basic Manners boarding-training program
generally results in a trained dog in four weeks. You'll have follow-up homework once you get your dog home, but your dog will understand and perform the behaviors you've requested us to work on.

Refresher courses and specialized programs can be designed for shorter stays.

Ask us, and we'll design the program for you.

Owner's Responsibility

When your dog comes home, you will need to keep up the training following a simple program we'll set up for you and your dog. Follow-up takes a very few minutes a day and it's important. Dogs go through a "honeymoon" period when they first get home, when they're on their best behavior. But soon your dog will try some "old" behaviors. Our instructions will have you well-prepared to pass this "test." Then your dog's improved behavior will be second nature.

To plan for your dog's stay with us, you need to do the following:
  • Provide information prior to your arrival filling out our Boarding-Training questionnaire.
  • Schedule an appointment for a private session with you at the time of your dog's departure.
Before your dog's Arrival

The more we understand your goals the better we can meet them. Before your arrival date, we will go over your expectations and desires. In some cases, we will request to meet your dog before his boarding date. In most cases, we can go over your expectations over the telephone or can schedule an appointment for the day you bring your dog.

Fill out our questionnaire

At your dog's Departure

When you come to pick up your dog from boarding, a trainer will meet with you by appointment to teach you and your family what your dog knows, and to go over your "homework."

This training session may be critical to your dog's success. Unless you know how to continue with your dog's training from the moment you get him home, you may find that your dog reverts quickly to pre-training behaviors, making your homework much more difficult.

Follow-up for the life of your dog

We are here for you. Whether by phone or in person, you have access to our help for the life of your dog.

For more information or to make a reservation, email or call us (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669, Extension 105. To learn more about our trainers, click here.

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