Is Daycare For Me & My Dog?

Our typical Daycare "parent"
is a hard-working individual seeking to provide a healthy outlet for their dog's energy and natural behavior. Whether an at-home mom with kids or a two-income family with no kids, our clients want to furnish their dogs with the opportunity to be more than a couch potato, stay-at-home dog.

Daycare benefits dogs of all ages. We help housetrain young puppies, get them through teething without destruction, and give them critically important socialization with other puppies and nice dogs. Adolescents are probably our biggest group-after all, these are the terrible teens, the time when dogs need exercise and playtime most. But even mature and elderly dogs benefit from Daycare. Just as exercise is good for people of all ages, so does it enrich the older dog.

Our staff watches out for the individual needs of every dog in our care. A senior citizen needing more rest will be brought into our reception area to hang out on a big, fluffy quilt by the computer. If it's cold the dogs wear coats or play indoors. In the summer heat we bring out the hoses and pools. When we notice a change in one of "our" dogs' behavior, we're the first to let the owner know.

For dogs that need attention but may not play well with other dogs, we offer Day Boarding - walks and individual attention from our caring staff as an alternative to leaving your dog at home alone all day. Want more information? Give us a call, or come by for a visit so we can discuss what is best for your dog.

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