Dog Behavior & Manners ("Dog Obedience") Classes

Our Manners Classes - which some people call "obedience training" - are designed to provide the training dogs need to become well-mannered canine citizens. Just as importantly, our classes are designed to have fun! We use games and fast-paced activities to keep both you and your dog engaged while you're both learning.

Our classes are based on the training approach and philosophy in Gail Fisher's critically acclaimed book The Thinking Dog, (Dogwise Publishing, 2009).

Here's a brief run-down of our classes that teach manners and "obedience" behaviors. Click on each class name for a more detailed description of what the class covers including prerequisites, if required. (See Dog Sports for classes such as Agility).

For any of our classes, you can sign up online on the Class Schedule page or print off the Class Application Form.

Pre-School for Puppies and Dogs - Available to students who have to wait for a class date, or want to jump-start their training. Pre-School prepares your puppy for a happy, healthy, well-adjusted life by starting your training and socialization off as soon as possible. Pre-School includes helpful information for you, socialization and a foundation for training for your puppy or dog.

Puppy Essentials- A 4-week revolving program for puppies 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age at the start of the class. This is the ideal time and perfect way to start your puppy with our positive, cooperative and gentle foundation for learning. The program is loaded with helpful information geared to the puppy owner. Start anytime between the ages of 8 and 16 weeks.

Basic Manners for Dogs: Basic Good Dog Manners (Level 1) - Foundation training for dogs and puppies that have had no prior training, or puppies who have attended our Puppy Essentials program. Dogs and their owners learn the fundamentals of training. for a cooperative educational partnership that lasts throughout the dog's life.

More Manners for Dogs (Level 2) - This level of training builds on the foundations in Level 1, increasing the dog's responsiveness in different environments, even in the face of distractions. By the completion of Level 2, dog owners have skills to last a lifetime.

Advanced Manners for Dogs (Level 3 & Level 4) - For students who want still more "obedience", and to prepare you and your dog for Canine Life and Social Skills (C.L.A.S.S.) assessments. or graduates of Level 2 and Level 3 respectively, the emphasis is on perfecting behaviors, working around increasing distractions, building speed and responsiveness while maintaining enjoyment and a positive attitude.

Other Behavior Classes

Polite Walking & Recall Class - 4 weeks: The two behaviors our students tell us they want most - walk without pulling and without needing special equipment such as a Gentle Leader, and come when called, no matter what.

Canine Good Citizens Class - 4 weeks plus CGC Test: Practice the behaviors and prepare for the CGC test.

Rally Obedience - 6 weeks: This hot new sport is taking the dog training world by storm. Rally-O is a competitive event, but students don't have to compete to have fun learning these exercises.