Our Acclimation Special

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Who is Our Acclimation Special for?
  • For first timers - puppies & dogs that have never boarded
  • First time guests at our Inn, to acclimate your dog to us, and for us to get to know your dog
  • Dogs who have had a previous, less-than-positive boarding experience
  • Dogs who will be left for extended stays, to acclimate them to our Inn in advance
  • Nervous or shy dogs who may need extra time to acclimate to our Inn
We offer this special with the dog's best interest in mind:

The first time a dog or puppy stays overnight
away from home can be stressful. But once your dog experiences the fun things to do and nice people to be with, he'll be comfortable at All Dogs Inn. This short-term (overnight) stay lets your puppy know that you'll be back.

We also recognize how important it is for you to be assured you're putting your trust in people who truly care for your dog. We think of the big, gruff-looking man who came to check us out holding his dog in his arms. He and his wife had always left their dog in the care of a friend until they found out their much-loved pet had been tied outside for the entire day. His dog sleeps in their bed, under the covers with them - and he needed to know that we care as much as he.

So our Acclimation Special is for both of you - you and your dog.

Our Acclimation Special is available Monday through Thursday at a special rate. We don't charge for the day of pick-up. We'll call you to let you know how your dog is doing - and you can call to check with us, too. At the end of the stay, you'll get a report card, filling you in on your dog's activities, how he adjusted, and any recommendations we may have for your dog's next visit with us.

For dogs that have an especially hard time away from home, we recommend bringing them for a brief overnight Acclimation visit several times.