Other Classes

In addition to our "regular" class programs, from time-to-time we offer a variety
of other classes. We're always interested in different and fun ways for owners and dogs to learn together. Looking for something special? Let us know what it is, and we may just offer it! And check back here to see what's new at All Dogs Gym.

For any of our classes, you can sign up online on the Class Schedule page or print off the Class Application form. If you have any questions, contact us. Here's an overview of some of our non-regular classes:

Polite Walking & Recall Class - 4 or 5 weeks: The two behaviors our students
tell us they want most - walk without pulling and without needing special equipment such as a Gentle Leader, and come when called, no matter what. Class takes place both inside and outside (weather depending), and teaches your dog to be responsive to you

Canine Good Citizens Class8 weeks plus CGC Test: Practice the behaviors that the American Kennel Club certifies your dog as a Canine Good Citizen, and prepare for the CGC test.

Rally Obedience - 6 weeks: This hot new sport
is taking the dog training world by storm. Rally-O is a competitive event, but students don't have to compete to have fun learning these exercises.

Obedience for Agility - 4 weeks: For all dogs - not just agility, this popular class builds dog confidence and helps develop a wonderful human-dog partnership.

All Dogs About Town - A class for Manners-on-the-Move - 4 weeks: For graduates of Level 2 and above. A class that practices manners in a variety of environments in real-life situations.

Dancing with your Dog/Freestyle: 6 weeks: A fun, exhilarating class that uses and practices basic training responses, your dog's basic skills and responsiveness combined with music. Your dog will learn to spin, side step and weave between your legs to the beat of the music, ultimately creating a choreographed routine the two of you perform together.

If you have an interest in any of these classes, and they are not on our Class Schedule, contact us.

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