Our Boarding - Training Programs

Here are some of the programs
we offer. If you want something different, tell us and we'll design a program that includes the behaviors you want for your dog. To arrange for boarding-training email or call (603) 669-4644, Ext. 105 or (800) 872-4669.

  • Basic Manners
    A well-trained dog
    dog is one you enjoy - a welcome member of your household. We teach behaviors that you want and will use. For most people, this means sit, lie down, stay, come when called and walk nicely without pulling on the leash. We also teach your dog to not jump on company, and to settle down when you want him to.

    Our training is done both on- and off-leash. We know you want a dog that responds without a leash. That's our goal, too!
  • Olympic Athlete
    Does your dog have energy to burn?
    Perfect for the active, energetic dog - how 'bout letting us train him in Dog Agility - dashing over obstacles, racing through tunnels, leaping through tires and over jumps. Dog sports are a great way to have fun, burn energy, keep in tip top shape, and increase your dog's overall responsiveness.

    We can teach your dog to retrieve a ball, Frisbee, or boat bumper, introduce him to Flyball, or even to ride a skateboard.
  • Let Me Entertain You
    In addition to basic manners,
    have a dog that performs useful, entertaining and fun "tricks." We have a list of over 200 ideas including bring your slippers (or beer), "find Mom," play dead, locate lost keys or the TV remote. The more your dog knows, the more she can learn. And anything your dog learns adds to her responsiveness.
  • Stop it!
    Get rid of unwanted behavior.
    Whether it's jumping on your mother-in-law, barking at the neighbor's cat, begging food at the table, or some other annoying problem, we can help. Our behavior modification program replaces bad behavior with good.
  • You Tell Us
    Tell us the behaviors you want
    and we'll work on them.

Gail and a team of talented trainers work with your dog. All our trainers have completed Gail Fisher's Instructor's Program as well as a comprehensive and extensive apprenticeship, or are graduates of our School for Professional Dog Trainers. Devoted to dogs and to helping owners and dogs develop strong, positive, cooperative relationships, all are dog owners as well as trainers, and understand the unique bond we have with our pets.

Our trainers use clicker training, a positive, science-based method that is faster, clearer and easier for the dogs and ultimately, the owners.