Our Relationships

We want you to be happy with your dog's grooming, but just as important, we want your dog to be happy to come here. We care about your dog's mental and psychological well-being. If a dog needs special handling, he'll get it. If something in the grooming might be traumatic for your dog, we won't do it. This might mean we groom a dog part way, then send him home to rest and have him come back another day to finish his grooming. We won't do more than we feel your dog can take without stress.

Part of our relationship with owners is to help educate them. From how to brush your dog's coat, to using the proper grooming tools for your dog's needs, to how often to have him groomed, to home training to help his grooming be easier, to rehabilitating dogs who have had a bad grooming experience - we coach our clients.

From time to time we run free clinics to teach grooming skills to owners. See our Schedule for upcoming events, or contact us to be on our emailing list.

We look forward to helping you learn what you need to know to make your life with your dog the best it can be.