The Staff

Class Instructors- dedicated trainers who are devoted to dogs, enjoy teaching people and are expert at what they do - they just love sharing their training skills and knowledge with students of all ages. Their tremendous breadth of expertise includes, of course, training as well as breeding, showing, competing, raising and living with dogs, dog health, management, development and so much more. All our instructors are graduates of Gail's Instructor's Program. To learn about the individuals who teach our classes, work as private trainers, and do behavior consultations, click here.

Dogcare Staff - Daycare Supervisors, Groomers, Trainers and more. Our terrific Daycare staff is a unique group of dedicated people whose primary purpose is ensuring their Daycare buddies have a good time in a safe and healthy environment. Trained in body language, dog handling, health and first aid, their interaction with and supervision of the Daycare dogs is fodder for lots of great stories and tales. Check back with us from time-to-time for new ones.

Inn Staff - From our live-in kennel manager to the weekend walkers and cat caregivers, our outstanding Inn staff treat the pets in their care as if they were their own. Trained in the most up-to-date approaches to stress-free care, our Inn staff are dedicated to meeting the physical, mental and psychological needs of our charges, creating a comfortable, healthful environment for all the pets.

Our groomers' motto is "gentle hands for cold noses" - trained not only in the latest grooming techniques, our grooming staff strive to make grooming a positive experience - whether it be nail clipping, a puppy's first bath, or an elderly dog's semi-annual clipping.

Our trainers are unparalleled in their expertise, attitude and caring about the dogs they train. This dedicated group strives to use only the gentlest, kindest methods, working with both the dogs and their owners to enhance the relationship and communication.

Our facilities staff keeps All Dogs Gym & Inn in tip-top shape. Dog lovers all, they are dedicated to keeping the environment clean, bright, healthy and safe for both people and dogs.

Our Administrative Staff - are the people "behind the scenes" who work so hard to make things run smoothly at All Dogs Gym & Inn. They are responsible for coordinating classes, organizing and running the outstanding seminars and workshops we offer, overseeing all our programs and activities. These talented folks are always available to help a dog owner with a problem, help select the right program for their dog, and sometimes just offer the caring support dog owners need in difficult times.

Explore a career with us. If you would like to be considered for a career at All Dogs Gym & Inn, please email or phone (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669.