All Dogs Gym and Inn
NACSW™ – Odor Recognition Test

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym and Inn
505 Sheffield Rd
Manchester, NH 03103

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$35 Registration Fee per odor
Questions: Contact Tracy Bergeron

An ORT must be taken and passed at least 14 days before a trial opening date to be eligible for the first draw period.

Please contact your host at least 1 day before the ORT if your female dog will be in season.

All confirmations will be sent via e-mail with attachment within 7 days of receipt of complete registration form and payment. If you require a confirmation via USPS, you must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.
I/We hereby assume all risks of, and responsibility for, accidents and/or damage to myself or to my property or to others, resulting from the actions of my dog. I/We expressly agree that All Dogs Inc, Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym and Inn, 505 Sheffield Rd, Manchester, NH 03103and/or NACSW or any other person, or persons, of said groups, shall not be held liable personally, or collectively, under any circumstances, for injury, and/or damage to my person, for loss or injury to my property, whether due to uncontrolled dogs or negligence of any member of said groups, or any other cause, or causes.
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