Pre-Boarding Checklist for your Pet

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Here's a checklist of paperwork,
items and instructions to streamline your check-in. We realize this may seem like a lot of paperwork, and we require it for good reason - to ensure our ability to take care of your pet(s) to the highest standards of care. We appreciate your cooperation in providing the required information:


Paperwork Checklist:

Application (link) - One time only - the 1st time you board your pet.
Written proof of Rabies vaccination (not tag) - 1st time you board your pet - updated when date expires Note: We do not require vaccinations other than Rabies. If you plan to have your dog vaccinated for Bordatella or Canine Cough, we suggest doing it several days in advance of your boarding date. Some dogs show flu-like symptoms following an injection, and if your dog shows such symptoms, we may not be able to accept your pet, or will place him in isolation (at an additional cost). To be on the safe side, please arrange for any inoculations well in advance of your dog's arrival date.
"Before You Leave Your Pet" (link) - We ask for this to be updated each time your pet visits. It contains specific information that may have changed from a previous visit. We appreciate your cooperation in giving us this information for each visit.
Grooming instructions- If you plan to have us bathe and/or groom your dog, fill out the instructions to the groomer on the "Before You Leave Your Pet" sheet.
Medication, Treatment and Supplements form (link)- updated each time you board. This important information must be updated with each visit. We want to make absolutely certain we have the most current information on any medications or supplements you are giving your dog.
Boarding-Training application (link)- if you would like us to train your dog, fill out first time you request training. Update with trainer for future visits if requesting training.

Other things to bring (Optional) - Please list specific items and descriptions on "Before you Leave Your Pet" form ("BYLYP")

Bedding - must be small enough to fit into washing machine, or we can't take it. No towels, please.
Toys - (Limit to 3 please) - List specifics - description, color, etc. Note: We do not allow pigs' ears, rawhide chews or hooves due to the danger of choking or intestinal blockage. We have acceptable chew toys available for purchase if you wish.
Food - with specific instructions. For stays shorter than 3 weeks, please package in individual meals. For longer stays, bring the food in bulk with written instructions. Tell us if you have included medications or supplements in the pre-packaged food.

Please note: We feed our guests twice a day, plus a snack. Dogs on vacation are often more excited, more active, and burn more calories, so smaller, more frequent meals aleviate hunger pangs and low blood sugar. If you feed once a day, we'll divide your dog's meals in two, feeding half for breakfast and half for dinner. (If you prefer your dog to eat just once a day, check the box on your Before You Leave Your Pet form).
Medications, supplements, etc. - Any items listed on the Medication form. Please bring medications in their original, labeled container.
Other - note anything else you plan to leave with us on the "BYLYP" form.
Note: If your dog is elderly, please check out our recommendations for older dogs.

Application (link) - One time only - the 1st time you board your pet.
Written proof of current Rabies vaccination (not tag). Updated annually.
"Before You Leave Your Pet" (link)- updated each visit with specific information.
Grooming instructions - If you plan to have us groom your cat - on "BYLYP" form.
Medication, Treatment and Supplements form (link)- updated each time you board.
Feline Leukemia - negative test results - Signed by a veterinarian the 1st time you board your cat. If your cat goes outdoors, we require either annual Feline Leukemia inoculations or a Feline Leukemia negative report from your veterinarian within one week prior to your boarding date.

Please note:
Dogs must be on a leash, and cats confined in a cat carrier coming into and out of the building. Please do not use Flexi leads.