Private Training

Whether you need some extra help to keep up with class or want to train your dog yourself without attending a class, private training may be for you. We offer private lessons where we work one-on-one with you, or we'll train your dog for you through daycare training or boarding training and then teach you what your dog has learned. Our private trainers focus on the goals and behaviors that are most important to you.

Private training offers a wide selection of alternatives
to group training. For busy people; for a family with little enough time for the kids, let alone the dog; for people with disabilities or physical problems, scheduling problems, split shifts, or other issues that make regular class attendance difficult; for people who want to zero in on a specific behavior without attending a class and for those who just plain don't want to train the dog - no guilt, no apologies, it just isn't their bag. If any of these is you, we offer many training options to help you get the dog of your dreams.

In our private lessons, we tailor the training for your specific, individual needs. At each lesson we'll work with you, then give you a homework assignment to practice between your lessons.

From doing it all, start to finish, through daycare training or boarding training to enhancing your class training with some extra practice, sharpening already-learned behavior, working with you one-on-one to fix a behavior, or coaching you to reach your goals, whatever you're looking for - we're here for you.

To learn more about our specific private-training programs, or to make an appointment for a lesson,contact us.

If you're looking for help with a specific behavior problem, click here for information about our one-on-one Behavior Consultations.

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