Puppy Consultations

Got a new puppy? Don't want to make mistakes
but don't know what to do to get started? So many books; so much conflicting information. Some say paper train, others say absolutely not! Some say rub his nose in it, others say absolutely not! Some say hit him with a newspaper, or make a loud noise with a newspaper, or don't use a newspaper at all! What to do!?!

Let us end your confusion, First, take a look at our puppy pointers and other information in "Tips", and if you want more, come see us for a puppy consultation.

We love puppy consultations. Getting you started off on the right track makes your dog's future and yours so much easier! This consultation includes a temperament assessment of your puppy with recommendations for tailoring your training to his or her specific temperament. You'll leave the consultation armed with information, a plan and the know-how to raise the best dog ever.

Email or phone (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669 for further information on prices and scheduling.

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