Puppy Pointers

Getting started off right with your new puppy jump starts the bonding process that establishes your lifelong relationship with your dog. Puppies are wondrous creatures that are learning every waking moment of their lives. Much like a dry sponge, your puppy's brain is soaking up information, drip by drip. Positively influencing your puppy's experiences will result in his or her growing into the dog of your dreams. On the other hand, ignoring this important time can lead to habits forming that may take you the rest of your dog's life to overcome.

So here is our best advice for bringing up your puppy to be the best dog possible. In this section you'll find: You'll also find information in our "Tips" section on crate training, advice on choosing a good diet and feeding, socialization and many more subjects. Check the menu items for more.

Most importantly, consider training with a non-punitive, positive, dog-friend approach that will enhance and enrich your relationship with your puppy for all your years together. We start puppies as young as 8 weeks in either our Puppy Pre-School or our Puppy Classes. Check out our Class Schedule for upcoming classes, or contact us for more information.