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These are the dedicated, talented people who teach our classes, train dogs in our Doggy Daycare-training and Boarding-Training programs, work with dog owners in private lessons, in-home lessons and behavior consultations to eliminate your dog's undesirable behavior. Click on the trainer's name for a listing of their current classes, where you'll find links to sign up for a particular class. To set up an appointment with one of our trainers for a private session, behavior consultation, coaching session or lesson, contact us.

Stacey Allard

What do you do in your “real” life?
I’m a Vet Tech at the Holistic Veterinary Center in Concord.
How long have you been training dogs? I got my first Golden Retriever 17 years ago, and that started my training career (although I had been hanging around and watching classes for a long time before that!).
How did you start teaching dog training? After having been a student in classes, I started assisting, and then was invited to participate in Gail’s Instructor Training Course in 1995.
Competitive accomplishments. I put several Obedience titles on my first dog, and since then I’ve enjoyed training and competing with all my dogs (of which I currently have 3 Goldens) in Obedience, Conformation and Agility.
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? When we are not training or competing, I enjoy spending time with them walking in the woods and watching them swim and retrieve – just being dogs.
What do you love about training? When I'm training with my dogs I enjoy watching them figure out what I'm asking of them – watching them think.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? When I'm teaching I enjoy watching my students achieve success. I love teaching people to teach their own dogs to do the behaviors that they are asking of them.
And your own dogs? My dogs are Tanner age 12½, Kylee 11, and Bouncer is 10½. I'm a member of the Yankee Golden Retriever Club where I have been the Agility Chairman for the past 8 years, and I'm a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America for the past 15 years.


Patricia1Patricia Barrett

What do you do in your "real" life?  I'm a Substance Abuse Counselor.  I currently work at Riverbend Community Health Center in the CHOICES Substance Abuse Recovery Program.  In my past life, I was a high school teacher and a college instructor of chemistry.

How long have you been training dogs?  I got my first Belgian Sheepdog in 1979 and have been hooked on dog training ever since.  I've been around to see the evolution of training from compellling to marking.  I personally use a combination of all the methods I've learned during my lifetime.

How did you start teaching dog training?  Sadly, I was asked to substitute for the previous Conformation Handling instructor when he was diagnosed with cancer.  I continued to substitute off and on until he was no longer able to teach.  I stayed on at the request of ADG.  Having been a teacher all my life, it just fits for me.

Competitive accomplishments?  Personally, over the years, I've put over 20 Breed Championships on dogs of my breeding and others.  I worked as a Professional Handler's Assistant for 3 years, also putting championships on client dogs.  I even won the Terrier Group with a Mini Bull Terrier I was showing.  I've won the Herding Group with a Belgian Sheepdog of my breeding, and have put many group placements on my own dogs.  In other venues, I've trained dogs to CD, CDX, RN in obedience, and HT, PT, HS in Herding.

What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs?  My favorite thing to do with my dogs is herding, which is what they were bred to do.  It gives me great joy to bring out the instinct in them and watch them "turn on".  They love it, and that's what counts most for me.  We also go to Agility, Rally, and Obedience classes.

What do you love about training?  The bond between my dogs and me gets strengthened by training.  I get to see how happy they are to work, and they look to me for guidance.  Win win.

What do you love about helping others train their dogs?  I love the camaraderie that develops amount students in my classes.  They all help and support each other.  I love teaching others that showing dogs in the breed ring is fun!  I have a dry sense of humor, which I use to my advantage when helping students.  When they come back to class with brags and I see the look of pride on their faces, that's all I need to keep doing what I do.

And your own dogs?  My dogs are all Belgian Sheepdogs:  Sokol, AKC CH, RN, PT, CGC, age 14 1/2; Gilda, AKC GCH, BN, RN, PT, HSAd, GCG, age 6 1/2; Bruno, Gilda's son, no titles yet, age 14 months.  I have been a member of the Belgian Sheepdog Club of America for over 30 years.  I am an AKC judge of Belgian Sheepdogs, Malinois, and Tervuren - currently working on adding other Herding breeds to my list.



Tracy 5 14 2005 MAD 

Tracy Bergeron

What do you do in your “real” life? I'm a Histotechnologist at Children’s Hospital Boston
How long have you been training dogs? 14 years
How long have you been teaching, and what courses (influences) have you taken to learn to teach? 7 years - Back in the mid to late 1980’s I taught horseback riding lessons and pony club (dressage, and jumping), so I already knew I enjoyed teaching before I even started training dogs in agility. The first time I ever saw an agility trial I knew I would want to compete and teach the sport. In 2003, I took Gail Fisher’s Instructor Training program.
Who are some of the influences on your training (or What courses have you taken)? Christine McQuillen, Gary White, Anne Andrle, Susan Garrett, and Jen Pinder
Competitive accomplishments (or What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs)? My Whippet, Scout, was the 5th pure bred Whippet to ever achieve the following titles in USDAA agility
MAD – Master Agility Dog
JCH - Jumper Champion
What do you love about training? I especially love seeing the bond and communication develop between dog and handler creating teamwork that is so rewarding and so helpful for success in the sport of agility.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? The same reason I like training, to see the development of the bond between dog and handler that is so essential to agility and to fully enjoying your life with your dog.


Wendy Bergeron

What do you do in your “real” life? I’m the Director of Training at All Dogs Gym. I train dogs, especially those who come in for Boarding-Training, work with owners and their dogs to solve behavior problems, give private lessons and teach some classes.
How long have you been training dogs? I started as a young teenager, 25 years ago.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences? I took Gail Fisher’s Instructor Training Course in 1991, and I’ve been teaching since 1992. I’ve taken a number of seminars over the years. The two most profound influences on my training, from whom I’ve learned the most have been Gail Fisher and Turid Rugaas.
Do you have any competitive accomplishments? I’ve shown my dogs in conformation, obedience and agility, as well as showing dogs belonging to others in the breed ring. I have finished two of my own dogs Canadian championships, have two obedience titles, and numerous agility titles on four dogs. But mostly, I love hiking, hiking, hiking and cuddling with my own dogs.
What do you love about training? I find it fascinating to watch a dog think and figure things out. I love that I have a relationship with dogs that enables us to communicate to each other...and even more...to be able to understand what a dog is saying, not assume, not fit her into a little box of behaviors, but to really understand her because I listen and watch and learn.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? To get someone else to the point where they understand their own dog and learn how to read their dog's body language and respond in a positive way. I find it so rewarding to see the communication and bond between family members and their dog increase.
And your own pets? I live with a gaggle of Goldens and one hound. I, with Mb, breed and raise Golden Retrievers. I also have two horses, one (who will be four this summer) that I am clicker training and will be under saddle for the first time this spring (with me as his trainer). He’s a Premarin foal I rescued when he was five months old. We also adopted an older horse to keep each other company. Our website is www.eastshoregoldenretrievers.moonfruit.com.

Nicole Boulanger
What do you do in your “real” life? I have the pleasure of spending my days working here at All Dogs Gym in the Training Department.  My main projects include working with the day training dogs, teaching daytime classes, and the occasional private lesson or behavioral consultation.  It's a wonderful opportunity that allows me to balance doing what I love with keeping up with my two (nearly perfect) school aged children.
How long have you been training dogs? I started training dogs as a junior handler almost twenty years ago through my local 4H Program, although I 'found' clicker back in 2000. I had a young Siberian Husky and an adolescent German Shepherd and was frustrated by the lack of progress I was making with traditional methods, so I attended a Level 1 workshop at All Dogs Gym, the very one that I myself give to new students today. One session and I knew this was something very special. I began assisting with classes back in 2001 and began teaching group classes in 2003.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences? I am a graduate of Gail Fisher’s Instructors Course, attended the APDT Training Conference multiple times as a member, and have attended seminars taught by many brilliant trainers, including Turid Rugaas and Kathy Sdao. Some of the most important pieces of my education, however, came from my five years working in Doggy Daycare, first as an Attendant and then as a Supervisor. The opportunity to work with a large group of dogs on a daily basis, and the knowledgeable staff gave me so many opportunities that I would have otherwise never gained.
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? My dogs and I enjoy training of any sort! We love doing scent exercises, dabbling in agility, practicing obedience, or just teaching tricks for fun. I am passionate about German Shepherd Dogs and have occasionally shown my own dogs or handled others in the conformation ring. Our family loves the summer months and exploring the outdoors in New England. The dogs are our constant companions as we hike, camp, swim, or frequent the ice cream stands.
What do you love about training? I love that our training embraces the fact that learning is not a 'one size fits all' process. It's amazing to me to watch a class of ten different dogs who may learn the same behavior ten different ways. To see the individual dogs and their owners problem solve in their own way is an incredible experience.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? Nothing means more to me than hearing that I've helped to improve the relationship that my students share with their dogs. It's even more of a bonus to me if students have used the principles that were learned in class to help communicate differently with family, coworkers, etc. Positive reinforcement knows no boundaries when it comes to relationships.

Jamie Cummings
What do you do in your “real” life?  I am a veterans service officer with the State of NH. I’m an advocate and I help veterans and their family members obtain benefits through the state and federal government.
How long have you been training dogs?  My first class at All Dogs in 2003 while I was in college. My family rescued our first beagle Shay. He was a mess. He had too many homes in his short life, and we were in over our heads. He taught us how to be an advocate for him, and it started my journey in the dog world!
How did you start teaching dog training? I have always loved dogs, but I became serious about dog training a few years ago after I began training our new family beagle, Odie. Odie was also a mess – I guess we love crazy hounds. We rescued him and he needed a lot of love and patience. I don’t think he felt grass under his paws until we rescued him. After I did a few levels of obedience with him (at that point I had taken MANY classes here with our other dogs), I decided I wanted to assist obedience classes. I really wanted to learn more, and how to be a better trainer. That evolved into taking Levels 1 and 2 of the Training Academy. It really cemented why I love training and why I love positive reinforcement training. Now, I am teaching my own class. If you told me a few years ago I would be teaching my own class, I would tell you that you were crazy!
Competitive accomplishments. Not yet! Does winning a game of musical chairs in obedience class with my distracted beagle count?
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? I enjoy taking them for hikes and generally being outside… and training of course!
What do you love about training? I enjoy the bonding that happens between owner and dog through training. I also enjoy working with different breeds. Some dogs just make you laugh—and training is so much fun.              
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? I love helping people connect with their dogs and realize that they are a partners, and life is fun with a dog by your side! I love when you help them get over a hurdle and you can see the “light bulb” go on… and you get that “Aha” moment. That feeling is priceless.
And your own dogs?       My dogs are Mizzou 10, Maggie 9, and Odie 4. Maggie is technically my sister’s dog, and Odie is technically my parent’s dog. We all lived together on and off over the years, and we all have helped each other train and care for them – so we all care for them without distinction. Honorable mention to my cat Peri, she is 16 and is convinced she is a dog.

Gail Fisher
What do you do in your “real” life? I guess the name “Gail Fisher’s All Dogs Gym” pretty much says it. In addition to my dog business, I volunteer for several non-profit organizations. I’m President of the Board of Directors of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)--the largest professional organization of dog trainers in the world--and a member of the Manchester Rotary Club. I also love presenting seminars and writing. I'm very proud of my most recent book, THE THINKING DOG, Crossover to Clicker Training.
How long have you been training dogs? I got my first “own” dog over 40 years ago and trained her on my own from a book. A few years later, I got my first pure-bred dog, a Vizsla who got me started in training for the breed and obedience rings.

What got you started? My Vizsla—she was so bright and beautiful, and despite the fact that she had a rank novice at the other end of the leash (me!), she did me proud! I discovered I not only loved training, but I had an aptitude, too. Because of her, I realized “what I want to be when I grow up” – a dog trainer! I’ve been incredibly fortunate in finding the most wonderful, generous mentors that helped guide my career.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences? The late Olive Point was instrumental in teaching me about teaching people. Olive convinced me to offer the very first University course for dog trainers, the two-year certificate program I developed and taught at the University of New Hampshire entitled “Teaching Dog Obedience.” The study, research and preparation I had to do for this course was the best possible education imaginable. Most recently, since crossing over to clicker training, my influences have been Gary Wilkes, Corally Burmaster, Carolyn Clark, Karen Pryor and Turid Rugaas. But honestly, my biggest influences are the wonderful trainers that I work with - motivating and inspiring me, always eager to learn more and get better together.
Competitive accomplishments? I used to enjoy competing with my dogs, and have finished nine Breed Champions—six as breeder-owner-handler. I’ve also put multiple obedience titles on my dogs, and even an agility title. In recent years, my writing and seminars have kept me busy.
What do you love about training? My favorite moment is the adrenaline rush I feel when the dog “gets it.” And I love sharing that with owners who suddenly see their dogs in an entirely different light—not just loving their dogs (which we all do), but also developing a profound respect and admiration of them.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? I’ve always been mission driven—even before I knew what it was to have a personal mission—and that is to enrich and enhance the relationship between owners and their dogs. This is All Dogs Gym mission, but it’s mine as well. It is what drives me. My other love is in teaching trainers—increasing the influence of positive, dog-friendly training techniques well beyond All Dogs Gym.
And your own dogs? I've had a variety of breeds (and mixes) including English Mastiffs (which I bred for 20 years), a Springer Spaniel, a Basset Hound and Vizslas. Currently, we have a Bearded Collie, Cannon; and we’ve just adopted a mix (a foxy-looking dog that may be part Shiba Inu?) named Kochi. We also have two cats, one that was feral—and still pretty-much is.

 Cynthia Fox
What do you do in your “real” life?  After teaching first grade through high school for twenty years, I have retired so I have time to do what I really love.  In addition to my fascination with and love for dogs, I am an avid quilter.
How long have you been training dogs?  My entire teaching career has let me to training dogs, but I've actually been working with dogs since 2005.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences?  After raising dogs for Canine Companions for Independence, I took Gail Fisher's Instructor Training Course (All Dogs Academy).  Since then, I've attended several conferences , workshops and specialized training specifically for dog trainers.  I've met several extremely knowledgeable and highly regarded individuals.  I believe Gail Fisher has been my greatest influence.  After all, I moved from Arizona to New Hampshire to continue to work with her.
Do you have any competitive accomplishments?  My youngest Golden Retriever, Sam, has just begun to complete in Nosework competitive events.  I am thrilled that he can participate in a competitive sport where he is in charge. 
What do you love about training? I believe dogs are so much smarter than we even realize.  I am so happy watching dogs communicate with each other as well as with humans.  I love watching dogs use their instincts and be "normal" dogs, and I love the moment when dogs realize what we are asking.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs?  I love to see the relationship between dogs and human strengthen as they begin to understand one another.
And your own pets?  I live with two Golden Retrievers and one black Labrador Retriever.  They are all quirky, keep me on my toes, and delight me daily.

Michelle Kenney

What do you do in your “real” life? 
I am a retired middle school teacher.
How long have you been training dogs? I have been training since 2002 with my Shetland Sheepdogs.
How did you start teaching dog training? I discovered that my Shelties loved to work, learn, and dog things with me.
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? We very much enjoy agility, scent work, playing with friends, and taking car rides.
What do you love about training? The time we spend just being together, bonding, and watching how much they love to learn.
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? In Agility, the Team (us with our dogs) it is this relationship that is most important. We are spending time together, thinking and working together, and playing together. 
And your own dogs? My greatest joy comes with the bond that grows every day, watching how smart and funny my guys are.  Doing different things brings out something new in the boys.

LynnMarie Millette
What do you do in your “real” life? I’m the Class Coordinator for All Dogs Gym, and one of the Daycare trainers. I’m President of Luckdragon's Angels Pet Therapy Group, a non-profit organization my husband and I founded. For fun, I love going to the beach in the fall and spring with my dog, gardening, camping with my husband and dog, sewing, and doing pet therapy visits with my dog Becke (to the VA hospital, young adult program at the Moore Center and Goffstown library READ program).
How long have you been training dogs? I started training in 1995 when we got Falcore, my first Labrador Retriever.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences? In 1999 I was invited to take Gail’s Instructor Training course, and became an Instructor after that. I’ve taken on-going classes and seminars with other trainers, as well as seminars on Freestyle Dance, Agility, and Obedience training. Gail is a big influence on my training as well as other trainers. Also Turid Rugaas has been a big influence, helping me understand the behaviors I see in class and at home.
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? All of my dogs have been Therapy Dogs. I really love watching my current dog, Becke, help getting patients to do their physical therapy, helping children learn to read and to love books, and helping young people develop a love of dogs.
What do you love about training? Watching the relationship change and grow as the dog becomes truly part of the family—that is so rewarding for me. I especially love it when a family member that was afraid of their dog, now isn't—since this was once me! I used to be very afraid of dogs. I love seeing old training myths die and helping people see the benefits of clicker training vs. the other styles that are out there. Watching the dogs become "thinking dogs."
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? I love the look on the faces of the students and their family the last week of class when their dog performs skills that the owner didn't believe their dog would ever learn! I love to see the owners understand their dog's behavior and stop blaming the dog. I love helping people get over their fear of dogs (both theirs and the others in class). I enjoy the laughter in class and seeing some of the students developing friendships with each other, planning "Play Dates" for their dogs. Training dogs is about having fun as well as learning obedience skills.
And your own dogs? Becke is a 8 year old yellow Lab who is a Certified Delta therapy dog, and a Intermountain Therapy Dog R.E.A.D.ing dog. My Luckdragon's Angels website is www.luckdragonsangels.org.

JudyLeviJudy Pollard
What do you do in your “real” life? I've been a Veterinary Technician for over 30 years, helping in all aspects of veterinary care, as well as managing the inventory for the hospital.  My favorite part of the job is client education and making a difference for someone's beloved pet.
How long have you been training dogs? I have been involved with dogs since early childhood, showing, training, and just loving dogs.  My parents raised Great Danes, and my Dad was an obedience instructor, so I was exposed to dog  training and shows early on.  I showed Basenjis and Golden Retrievers as a Junior Handler and in 4-H, plus any other dogs that people would let me show!  I won't say how many years ago that was!
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences?I’ve been training dogs with Gail for years, and was invited to take her Instructor Training Course in 1991. I’ve attended many different seminars and  courses over the years including Karen Pryor and Gary Wilkes, Ruth Hobday, Susan Garrett, Turid Rugaas and many others.  I have worked with many agility instructors over the years, and currently enjoy working with World Team member, Laura Dolan.
Competitive accomplishments (or What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs)? I enjoy all aspects of dog sports, especially training.  In Obedience, I have titled my Goldens and Field Spaniels, including High in Trial awards in the US and Canada.  In Conformation, I've finished many Field Spaniels (including some from the Bred By Exhibitor class), Clumber Spaniels, and a Greyhound, as well as handling many other breeds.  I have dabbled in Rally and Tracking as well as earned AKC Trick Titles with my current dog.  We are also attempting Freestyle.  My favorite sport has been Agility, and my Field Spaniels have been highly successful, earning many titles over the years.  I love the bond with the dog, and the "high" of having a totally connected run with my canine partner.  Recently, I have found the sport of Scent Work, and my current Field Spaniel, Levi, and I are competing successfully at advanced levels.  I have found Scent Work to be a great teamwork sport and it is quickly becoming my new passion!
What do you love about training? I love the bond you get by communicating with your dog. It’s really great to see the moment(s) when the dogs really “get it.”
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? I love helping owners communicate with their dogs, whether it is teaching basic skills or better communication on an agility course.  I enjoy introducing dogs and handlers to the sport of agility -- I have had many different breeds and sizes of dogs that have been in beginner classes and whose handlers became hooked on the sport as much as I am. My competition students are always pushing me to increase my knowledge and I love to see them successfully competing in the agility ring.
And your own dogs? There have been many special dogs that have all enriched my life for the better.  I currently have one Field Spaniel, Levi, that is my special boy.  He grew up going to daycare and training classes at All Dogs, and he thinks he is a rock star because all the staff knows him there!  I am a member of the Field Spaniel Society of America, currently serving on the Board of Directors.  I have bred two Field Spaniel litters and have lived with as many a five Field Spaniels at one time.  This is the breed that has my heart.

Liz Shattuck

What do you do in your “real” life? I am retired from accounting for Fortune 500 companies, and ended my accounting career in a small manufacturing company.
How long have you been training dogs or how long have you been training in agility? I have been training dogs since I was a child. My first obedience dog was a Collie named Major.  I was hooked on obedience and helped my mother in the breed ring throughout my childhood and teen years.  My main love was the competition rings and from obedience, I started working my dogs in agility.
What got you started in dogs or dog training? My mother and her friends who were my mentors growing up. I tagged along with them helping hold the leash, helping out in the rings with showing dogs. I became interested in agility when I attended a weekend agility seminar and I’ve been hooked ever since.
What courses have you taken? With a degree in Organizational Management and Accounting I have held several jobs over the years managing people. This has aided me greatly in helping people to train their dogs. I have also attended many seminars on different forms of Dog training, (far too many to list) and have completed the All Dogs Academy Instructor Training School.
Who are some of the influences on your training? As training has progressed over the years, I have tried many forms of training. I am most impressed with positive, motivation-based training methods that create a happy working dog that thinks.  I have taken several online training courses which feature motivational- and game-based training methods, and I find this to be very motivating for the dogs.  I continue to use these methods with own dogs and have used many of the games to help students get throught difficult training areas with their dogs.
Competitive accomplishments?  Over the years, I have put obedience and breed titles on my dogs.  I continue to show in agility and have gained several titles with my dogs.  My dogs are also involved in Scent Work, and we are collecting ribbons in that venue as well.  I continue to judge in one agility venue and hope to do so for years to come.
What do you love about training? I love seeing a dog’s capabilities, his or her willingness to work and having a much easier dog to live with because they have a job to do!
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? I love to see the student/dog relationship evolve and progress over the course of the training sessions. As the team moves through each week a bond grows between dog and owner. It’s fun to watch the students get to know one another and support and encourage each other. I love when a dog that might not have caught on as quickly as some other dogs in class finally gets it, and everyone spontaneously applauds them.

MaryBeth Tessier
What do you do in your “real” life? I’m an Elementary School teacher – 5th Grade at Webster School in Manchester.
How long have you been training dogs? I’ve been training for 15 years, and teaching others how to train for 11 years.
How did you start teaching dog training and who are some of your influences? I’m a graduate of Gail Fisher's instructor course (1997), and have attended an abundance of seminars from various presenters.
What do you enjoy doing with your own dogs? I enjoy taking the dogs swimming, hiking and snowshoeing. Anything outside with them. Letting them just be dogs and enjoy nature.
What do you love about training? Watching the dogs think and seeing their owners enjoy their success
What do you love about helping others train their dogs? Teaching people to develop positive relationships with their dogs and understand their individual needs.
And your own dogs? My dogs: various ages and shades of Golden Retrievers.