What Makes Us Special

  • Dogs don't sit in crates all day. We schedule appointment times so your dog will spend as little time away from home as possible. Or see our Daycare and Day Boarding options below so your dog can play or relax with us, then have a refreshing bath and grooming so you pick up a clean, sparkling, and happy dog.
  • Have an old dog, or one that stresses in grooming? We can groom your dog as soon as you arrive, staying with your dog, start to finish. We won't plunk your dog in a cage and leave it for hours while we groom other dogs. From the moment your dog arrives until he's brought out to you - clean, sparkling, feeling great - your dog is being pampered and given the hands-on, special treatment we're known for. Use our Reservation Booking Request form to request an appointment and let us know you'd like the "Start-to-finish" option.
  • Working with reluctant or difficult dogs. We rehabilitate dogs that dislike grooming. Whether it's from a bad experience or simply lack of training, our groomers work hand-in-hand with our trainers to turn the grooming experience into a positive one. If your dog dislikes grooming or misbehaves, talk to us about our grooming/training program.
  • Appointments to suit your schedule. Drop your dog off and we'll call you as soon as he's ready. Have a scheduling problem? Let us know and we'll do our best to help. Use our Reservation Booking Request form to request an appointment.
  • Daycare plus Grooming. Give your dog a real treat - a half-day of play plus coming home clean and well-groomed. (Daycare requirements apply. Please ask us about them when making your appointment).
  • Day-Boarding plus Grooming. Give your dog a day at the Inn - a spacious place to relax before and after her grooming appointment. Especially helpful for those who aren't able to pick up their dogs right after grooming. Your dog will spend a comfortable, enjoyable day.
  • From the quality of our groomers to the shampoo and equipment, we use only the best. Hydro-Surge baths that massage your dog's skin and coat, plus high-velocity dryers that not only blow out all the undercoat, they enable us to closely examine your dog's skin. We've often found allergies, small sores and even tiny ticks that otherwise would be missed.
  • Only the finest grooming products. We use high quality shampoos and conditioners, and also offer natural flea shampoos dips, hot oil, and oatmeal bath treatments for our canine friends with problem skin. For a run-down of the extras you can give your dog, click here.
  • All groomings include brush out, ears cleaned, nails cut, hair between the foot pads trimmed, anal glands expressed, bath and high velocity drying.
  • And, of course, expert, full grooming services for all breeds and mixes. Whether your dog is a Labrador Retriever fond of woodland ponds or a toy Poodle whose favorite activity is snoozing on the sofa, we tailor our grooming services to your needs and desires. Whether you like a standard trim or a style as individual as your dog, talk to our groomers and let us make you happy.
For more information, pricing estimates, to chat with us about your dog's grooming needs or to make an appointment, email us us at the Gym, phone (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669 or use our Reservation Booking Request form to request an appointment.