Treasure your dog all year 'round!

N.H. Sunday News - Dog Tracks Column - 12/30/12
By: Gail T. Fisher

Christmas night, exhausted after a hectic six-week whirlwind of very special events, I curled up on the couch with Kochi. Just lying there feeling his warmth was so incredibly comforting and relaxing. It made me think, once again, of how fortunate we are to have these wonderful companions—and how fortunate they are to have us.

While tragedies are horrific no matter when they occur, they seem so much worse when they happen around Thanksgiving and Christmas. There certainly has been an abundance of horrifying events to mar this holiday season. Superstorm Sandy, Sandy Hook, tragic fires, and insane people committing unspeakably evil acts. And on a more personal and closer-to-home level, friends who have had to make that most difficult decision about their beloved pets at this time of year, leaving the home emptier for their loss.

While the weeks from Thanksgiving to the New Year are a time of celebration, family, sharing, warmth and love, this year in particular we are reminded of how fleeting these things may be. That makes it all the more precious to share the small moments as I did on Christmas night—taking time for yourself and your pets.

I rarely write sad columns, and I have no intention for this, my last column of 2012, to end on a sad note. I avoid making New Year’s resolutions—I make so many resolutions all year long that often fall by the wayside. But this year I resolve to continue to enjoy agility training with Kochi, which he truly loves, and to continue taking him for healthful, enjoyable walks in the woods. We may have a new puppy in 2013 which will, no doubt, provide fodder for many columns. And as always, I resolve to be open to new learning, sharing my knowledge, and helping to make the wonderful relationship we share with our pets the best it can possibly be.

I look forward to 2013—to a year filled with lots of laughter, fun, and shared experiences with family, friends and pets. In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful New Years, and that 2013 is filled with joy, health, happiness and shared good times. Happy New Year!

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