Welcome to All Dogs Gym & Inn®

“The perfect place for pets and their people.”

All Dogs Gym & Inn® was founded in 1993 by Gail Fisher, award winning author, international lecturer, dog trainer, behavioral consultant and obedience instructor.

Since its opening, the Gym has become a regional, national, and international focal point for dog-owners, dog trainers, and dog-care professionals who are drawn to the Gym’s mission of promoting dog-friendly training and care methodologies.

Conveniently located in Manchester, New Hampshire near the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, All Dogs Gym & Inn offers activities and services for virtually every dog (and cat) owner in the Northeast.

Our Mission 

All Dogs Gym’s mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of dogs and their owners to achieve the highest levels of lifelong, mutual enjoyment.  All our activities, classes, events and programs are designed help us meet our mission.


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Fun, rewarding programs to achieve your goals.

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Day Care

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A place for your dog to play with friends.

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A safe place for your pet to stay.

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Gentle hands to pamper your pet.

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