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Recent Stories

Fireworks & dogs

Dos and don’ts to protect your dog. I have no idea what the celebration was a couple of weeks ago in early June, when one

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Ticks … Ick!

Non-toxic ideas to prevent & kill those suckers! Having recently taken a few ticks off Brio, my basset fauve de Bretagne, and found one walking

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Say “Please”

Using every-day activities to reinforce polite behavior. Have you ever thought about all the pleasures a dog derives from everyday life:  Eating a meal or

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Corgi being hugged

Hugging Your Dog?

Most people like hugs … Do most dogs? One of our class instructors, Shari, talked to me about a situation in one of her classes. 

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Dog Barking?

Train an incompatible behavior … shhhh. A few weeks ago we had a new dog attend our Scent work class.  This is a small class

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Lost dog poster on tree

Lost Dog?

It may never happen, but preparation is important. I’ve been going through some old articles looking for topics I wrote about years ago that are

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