Introducing Dogs to Daycare

Our Daycare staff is unparalleled in their ability
to recognize, deal with, and eliminate issues before they become problems. The careful and caring introduction of new dogs is part of this skill. Each new dog is evaluated prior to introduction into the group-usually placed in a small group of staff dogs selected for their talents at bringing out the best in new friends.

New dogs may require a slower introduction over time, staying with a smaller group at first, or a new dog may rapidly become part of the larger play group. It's up to the dog and his prior dog experience, his needs, temperament and personality. This is where the experience of our staff excels.

Timid, unsocialized dogs are introduced at their own pace - in some cases, taking as long as two weeks to acclimate to the new environment. If a dog isn't able to become comfortable with other dogs, we'll explain to the owner that the Daycare environment is simply not in their dog's best interest; however, we've found that many unsocialized dogs can become more comfortable, learning to react well, and even make friends with other dogs.

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