Trainers' School Format & Certification

The way to learn dog training
is by doing it. And the way to become a professional dog trainer is by training dogs - training, training, and more training! Using the techniques of positive, dog-friendly training, students work with a variety of dogs, from the highly food motivated to the totally unmotivated dog. Puppies, adolescents and adults; shy and fearful, bold and hyperactive. Students may be able to bring their own dogs to the course, whether previously trained or not, and may work with dogs from local dog shelters and rescue organizations.

The course is a combination of on-site, hands-on learning and homework to continue building your skills. Hands-on sessions include supervised training sessions, lectures and discussion. For homework, students do individual research, as well as gaining further hands-on experience training dogs, submitting videos for review by their Advisor.

Graduates receive a Certificate of Successful Completion, having gained the knowledge and experience that make them distinctively qualified to work with dogs and their people - creating the cooperative, lifelong relationships we all want with our dogs.

For more information and to download the course catalog and enrollment information visit the All Dogs Academy website or email us. Or call us at (603) 669-4644 or 800 872-4669, Ext. 105.

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